Art Connects People

Photography, Art, and Sharing by Kim Zahnow

Welcome to my blog, The Art Within.

I commit this blog to my personal experience as an artist and photographer. After 25 years of creating I see another layer of art within myself that I would like to share.

Vulnerability, the Courage of Being an Artist

I had the honor of photographing David Reinke, sculpture artist and graphic designer. David shared with me about the burn out he experienced as an artist and how it led him to open Pizza Mambo in Douglas, Michigan. We explored the emotional connection and the experience of his journey in our photography session.

Facets of Transcendence

Living in Saugatuck, Michigan surrounds me with nature and helps me find beauty in the reality of my 9 degree days. Lake Michigan changes daily and transcends me to a creative space that escapes time and place. I invite you to enjoy these geometric ice formations found along our lakeshore. I am inspired and left…

Winter Break in Saugatuck, Michigan

Throughout my journey as a photographer and artist, I have considered various ways in which my art has value. I remember the moment I discovered the value of healing. I volunteered at a local hospital and witnessed heart breaking moments. When I returned home, I needed a way to process these moments. I began looking…

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