Winter Break in Saugatuck, Michigan

Honey Bees on Poppy Flower

Throughout my journey as a photographer and artist, I have considered various ways in which my art has value. I remember the moment I discovered the value of healing. I volunteered at a local hospital and witnessed heart breaking moments. When I returned home, I needed a way to process these moments. I began looking through nature photography and discovered a space of comfort and healing from the difficult days.

I am feeling a bit of “cabin fever” from the pandemic mixed with the 24 inches of snow in Saugatuck. I need a visual break from winter and the pandemic! I am using this post to warm you with images of spring. Keep going…we are getting closer.

“Safari of the Soul,” Encaustic Painting by Kim Zahnow

“Art is my cure to all madness, sadness and loss of belonging in the world & through it I’ll walk myself home.” ~Nikki Rowe

The encaustic painting above is from my botanical series available at J.Petter Gallery, spring 2021.

Sleeping Bee with Morning Dew

This was the first time I experienced a sleeping bee. AMAZING! You will notice water droplets in many of macro nature pictures because I love hiking early in the morning and just after the rain.

Fawn on Douglas Beach

Photographed at Douglas Beach, this sweet baby came right up and nosed my camera lens.

Monarch Butterfly Emerging from Cocoon


Spider Webs in the Morning Dew
Robin Feeding her Babies

Signs of Spring, this robin made her home on my front porch and allowed me to photograph her little family. It was my honor.

Peony and Snail
Michigan Morel Mushroom
Tulip in the Rain
Poppy Field

New this year! Photography sessions for your flower garden. I can create a personal coffee table book or beautiful wall art of your flower garden. If you are interested, please contact me at or at 269-953-7930.

Keep on creating,


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