NFTs-Opportunity to Grow as an Artist

What is a NFT?

A NFT (Non-fungible token)is a digital asset that exists as part of the cryptocurrency system. NFTs allow us to create a token of art, photography, collectibles, music, videos, tickets, gaming items, fashion lines, and more. NFTs can be collected similar to collecting photographic prints or fine art in the traditional market but it is conducted digitally via the blockchain. If you are new to NFTs and cryptocurrency this concept may seem intimidating at first. There is a learning curve to becoming a NFT artist and collector. For me, learning about NFTs has been mentally and creatively stimulating. NFTs are giving more power to creators, artist, photographers and musicians in regards to profit and rights.

I became aware of NFTs through following entrepreneur Gary Vanerchuck. Pictured here is Joyous Jellyfish, my first NFT purchase from a project of Gary’s titled Veefriends. This project has been a foundation for many artists entering the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs. I have been challenged deeply as an artist to define my story, connect with community, and share my art on a worldwide platform. Joyous Jellyfish is not only a NFT but it serves as a ticket to Veecon for the next 3 years. This journey has impacted my life as an artist. I am grateful to be in this space. I am committing to NFTs and to being a part of the advancement of Web 03. I am dedicating a category of my blogs for sharing information that can help other photographers and artists start their own NFT collections.

Do you want to create NFTs?

I am happy to help you. I have invested this past year into studying about NFTs and Cryptocurrency. I listen, read, and connect with people experienced with NFTs. It has been exciting learning and finding my own voice.

Step One… Learn!

I want to encourage you to utilize Google, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Youtube as these are tremendous resources about NFTs. If you do not have a twitter account, start one today. Follow me @KimZahnow as I am happy to help. Use this powerful search engine and connect with NFT spaces. The NFT community is welcoming. I have been connecting with photographers and artists from all over the world that are making a difference in my life.

Step Two…Know Your Story

I want to challenge you to take your artist statement to a deeper level. Be vulnerable. Ask yourself questions that connect you to your truth. Why are you an artist? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What are your goals? Put yourself out there on social media and in your community. Allow people to see you. This is foundational to connecting you to your art and potential clients. Collectors and buyers can look at thousands of NFTs in a day. What makes you stand out behind the art? I admit this may have been the most difficult parts of the process for me. I journaled and soul searched for months. I was surprised at what I discovered about myself. I am humble in nature and it has been uncomfortable for me to talk on social media or even show my work. I am growing. I am in a new place of celebrating my work and finding joy in sharing my experience, knowledge, and art with the world. I am going to keep these blogs coming. I welcome you to return for more information.

I am working on an exciting new NFT project that I look forward to sharing in the near future.

Keep on Creating,


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